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  • Healthy Floors

    MARBLELIFE TileLok Services = Healthy Floors

    We equate clean with healthy – and rightly so. When we see a dirty tile floor, whether it is due to surface dirt or dirt that has been absorbed INTO the grout to create a stain – its still dirt and with dirt we have bacteria. Enter a bathroom and things get a bit worse, now enter a medical facility and things are more concerning still. Annual office building tenant surveys routinely report their largest complaint is appearance of the bathroom floors (grout).

    The good news, is that you do not have to stand for dirty grout or uncleaned floors, MARBLELIFE can restore a uniform, fresh, new grout appearance while sealing the grout against future stains with our MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL system. Once COLORSEALED dirt is maintained on the grout surface where it can be cleaned off. But we are not done yet.

    The tile is then treated with our TileLok Treatments to provide a clean, glossy, slip resistant surface using an inorganic coating which provides no organic material for bacteria or mold to feed upon, and as a non-porous coating provides additonal protection against staining.

    Pictures are worth a 1000 words. A quick glance at the rotating images on the left, will visually show the change from dirty, to cleaned, to colorsealed, to Tilelok treated. The floor is not only cleaned, and properly sealed against a re-occurence, but provides a visually clean confirmation.

    MARBLELIFE’s solution is a long term solution requiring little maintenance beyond damp mopping periodically to remove surface dirt.

    MARBLELIFE’s solution unlike other offerings, does not require annual retreatments. MARBLELIFE’s COLORSEAL system seals the grout without filling the grout line, this protects the seal from foot traffic wear. The COLORSEAL seal is then further protected by high abrasion resistant TileLok surface treatment.

    This is not a happy go lucky solution, but one that has been engineered to address each need. As such, MARBLELIFE’s TileLok surfaces have been engineered to provide a 0.7 to 0.8 coefficient-of-friction, which translates to a floor with good slip resistance, without being so high as to cause a trip hazard.

    What’s the Payoff?

    • Hospitals – prevent bacteria from harboring in their unprotected grout, and enhance patient confidence with hygenic clean rooms.
    • Universities – provide students a clean hygenic environment while reducing maintenance costs.
    • Office Building – property managers see a reduction in tenant complaints, and an increase in occupancy and rental values, as fewer potential candidates pass without speakingto a rental agent, after reviewing the buildings public common areas.
    • Family – Our toddlers and crawlers encounter cleaner floors, free from the historic collection of dirt, debris and bacteria soaking into an unprotected unsealed groutline.

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