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    MARBLELIFE Groutlife Services – COLORSEAL

    Ugly Dirty Grout Got You Down? Don’t worry we got you covered. MARBLELIFE GROUTMASTERS COLORSEAL technology allows us to restore your grout to its original fresh, clean new appearance, and do so in a manner that will prevent your grout from being stained again.

    MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL delivers a clean, renewed appearance, but don’t be fooled. This goes well beyond a mere tile cleaning. Cleaning is just the first step. This is not a carpet cleaner trying to clean tile, but rather the result of a focused effort to understand the root cause of the problem, and design a solution that will not just address the symptom, but solve the problem, and in doing so provide you a means of maintaining that clean renewed appearance for years to come.

    What Happened?
    Within 6-months of installation most grout begins to take on a dark stained spotty dirty appearance. That dirty appearance is made by dirt and filth being absorbed by unsealed unprotected grout. The worst part is that the use of inappropriate cleaners may have contributed to your damaging of your grout’s seal, further accentuating the problem. Its not just dirt, but bacteria and everything else we aim to clean off our floors.

    You are not alone. The number one complaint by office tenants is dirty bathroom floors. Architects are fond of stating “Grout is 5% of the floor but 95% of the complaints.” Janitorial companies take beating from their customers who cannot understand why they cant get their floors “clean.” Hospitals seeking to maintain a hygenic appearance often further damage the grouts ability to resist stains with the use of aggressive chemical cleaners resulting in a dirty grout appearance regardless of how much effort they invest. That’s the reality…but the good news… MARBLELIFE can fix it.

    What you can Expect?
    MARBLELIFE can restore a uniform, clean, fresh new appearance to your grout and tile, with treatments which will seal and protect your sanded grout and tile surfaces to prevent a re-occurence.

    Sanded GroutFloors:

    1. Your MARBLELIFE representative will work with you to select the grout color you desire, whether your original color, or if you desire an alternate color.
    2. Your custom colored seal is manufactured and sent to your MARBLELIFE representative for application. We can provide a standard color, but with more than 270 different options we can provide you the best color for your room’s decor.
    3. Cleaned to remove surface dirt and oils that could interfere with the COLORSEAL treatment.
    4. The remnants of the original seal is removed to allow the grout to properly accept the COLORSEAL treatment.
    5. Your custom colored COLORSEAL seal is applied.

    The result is a fresh, clean, uniform colored grout that is better sealed than when initially installed. Your floor is walk ready within 10 minutes of completion of the service, and will reach full strenght within 7-days.

    On going maintenance is a snap as dirt is now unable to enter the grout, and is forced to remain on the surface where it can be removed with a damp and MARBLELIFE Tile & Grout Cleaner.

    See our gallery pictures, header images, and rotating sidebar images. Every job looks this good. These are not the best of the group, they all look like this. Just check out just a few of our referrals below…

    Colorseal is suitable for use on sanded grout surfaces. Non-sanded grout and epoxy grout surfaces take solutions designed specifically for these surfaces.